Three countries animation workshops

SocialCompass did animation workshops caravan at August. We visited around to Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos.

Compared with Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc., these three countries are still in a backward country. There is no animation school. Although it is not yet a country with abundant opportunities for digital education, however, it is not dyed in Japanese content, and motivation of participants is high. Everyone’s fun to challenge new things.

Each workshop held this time separately.

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, DigiCon6 Asia co-hosted by TBS and TVK (Cambodia National Broadcasting) in Cambodia Information Ministry.

In Yangon, Myanmar, we had workshops at Net Zero Village Art School and Japan Culture House, support by TOYOTA foundation.

In Vientiene, Laos, we are invited by Japan Foundation of laos second years, and we had an workshop at National Institute of Fine Art(NIFA). We have a plan to go at Octover as well.