SDGs characters

SocialCompass made 17 SDGs characters.

SDGs stands for “Sustainable Development Goals” that the United Nations can advance. It is the goal set by the 193 member countries to achieve in 15 years from 2016 to 2030.

Until now, SocialCompass has been making Watty’s animation to solve various social problems in Cambodia. It is overlapped with the concept of SDGs.

In that case, I tried to characterize all of SDGs 17 goals, including the meaning to jump out of Cambodia.

Although I am still only illustrations now, I want to move each character from now on.

SDGs are not only developing countries, but developed nations themselves are tackling global borders on a global scale. Even Cambodia, which has been said to be poverty, has achieved economic development, only recently “making money” is not a goal of human beings and it is now. SDGs that redefine the environment of the earth and people’s happiness may be a very interesting value for both Japanese and Cambodian people.