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We held the animation workshop at day care center for seniors!

We have been doing animation workshops, which were mainly held for children and students in Southeast Asia. However we tried it for the users of day care center for seniors in Japan first in this time. At the beginning, those who said that “I can not paint a picture” were finally painted a lot. The workshop gave us a lot of learning. We will introduce the video of the workshop soon. Please have a look at it! We sincerely appreciate the cooperation of Tsukui day care center for seniors.



We received a grant from the Japan Foundation Asia Center, Phnom Penh and we held an animation workshop at SmallArtSchool in Siem Reap, Cambodia for two days from 16th and 17th December 2017. I had four workshops in two days and children made stopmotion animation and digital animation! Especially on the second day the workshop held at Angkor Krau village in the outskirts of Siem Reap is a workshop aimed at children from 4 to 10 years old who do not know the animation, in the non electrified area where there is no television at home did. At first it felt reckless to make animation for children who do not…


JICA Irrigation Animation Press Briefing @ Japanese Embassy

We created an animation movie for the watershed irrigation management of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Organization). At first I could not imagine what it would be like when I heard “animation of” irrigation “, but I managed to shape it with the help of JICA experts. I went shooting to a dam in the mountain of Pozat Province, I went to the headwork of Kampongpu province, and even went to the place where I could hardly go even living in Cambodia. And today I participated in the activity report meeting to the media (Cambodia newspaper, television etc) which was held at Japanese Embassy in Cambodia. Until now it is a…


SmallArtSchool interview film production and exhibition visit

We made an interview picture of ‘Small art school‘ in Siem Reap. To Mr. Kasahara of the Small Art School, Nakamura, who is also the representative, has been indebted to me since I came to Cambodia. Jessy Kaizuka made images of small art school which is also in the mid-sister group relationship (?) And was handling shooting and editing. And we also visited the exhibition held at Tokyo “Ginza Gallery Kozo” on October 24th. The colorful work of artist and cumber interpreter Hir’s son, and the children’s “insect” series pictures were particularly wonderful. I hope to continue working with SocialCompass and a small art school as a sister organization (?)…