JICA Irrigation Animation Press Briefing @ Japanese Embassy

We created an animation movie for the watershed irrigation management of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Organization). At first I could not imagine what it would be like when I heard “animation of” irrigation “, but I managed to shape it with the help of JICA experts. I went shooting to a dam in the mountain of Pozat Province, I went to the headwork of Kampongpu province, and even went to the place where I could hardly go even living in Cambodia. And today I participated in the activity report meeting to the media (Cambodia newspaper, television etc) which was held at Japanese Embassy in Cambodia. Until now it is a…


TBS DigiCon6Asia in Japan

SocialCompass supported Khmer young animator, who come from the country-side (Battam Bong) to be a part in Digicon6 ASIA competition in Tokyo, which produced by TBS. It’s really means a lost to him (CambodianRepresenter) with new experiences to see the big city, new people from #ASIA, inspirations of other animation, especially the chance show Khmer animation to the Asia country. We would like to express our deepest thanks for the sponsors, and especially to TBS. See you again in next year.


SmallArtSchool interview film production and exhibition visit

We made an interview picture of ‘Small art school‘ in Siem Reap. To Mr. Kasahara of the Small Art School, Nakamura, who is also the representative, has been indebted to me since I came to Cambodia. Jessy Kaizuka made images of small art school which is also in the mid-sister group relationship (?) And was handling shooting and editing. And we also visited the exhibition held at Tokyo “Ginza Gallery Kozo” on October 24th. The colorful work of artist and cumber interpreter Hir’s son, and the children’s “insect” series pictures were particularly wonderful. I hope to continue working with SocialCompass and a small art school as a sister organization (?)…


Animation Workshop in Laos

Cambodians and Laotian exchanges realized! !   Three days from 27th to 29th September, I was invited by the Japan Foundation Asia Center Vientiane office and we had an animation workshop at the National University of Laos. In addition to Nakamura and Kaizuka of Social Compass this time Jessy An who is a Cambodian member and fluent Japanese is accompanied by the first attempt! ! Miracle interaction that Cambodians teach animation to Lao people through Japanese interpreter was realized.   (As Cambodian staff Jessy teaches Laotian) After all, there were only neighboring countries, and the students seemed to have a strong sense of intimacy. Lol National University of Laos is…


Myanmar inspection

We went to visit Yangon in Myanmar from September 8th to 11th. In case I am the first Myanmar. Alongside Cambodia, I heard that the development of Myanmar has been remarkable over the past few years, while ethnic conflicts have occurred in the country, and it is certain that there are various problems even though development is progressing It seems to be. In case In case This time I would like to visit JICA, the Japan Foundation, the Nippon Foundation etc, and introduced the Siem Reap’s art school “SmallArtSchool” to the free art school “NewZero” in Yangon. I am doing an exhibition of the students, I think that I was…


Animation Workshop@National Institute of Fine Arts in Vientiane

SocialCompass, Hidetaka Nakamura and Kan Tomizawa(Yamada School of Art) was invited by Japan Foundation Asia Center Vientiane, and we had a digital animation workshop at National Institute of Fine Arts in Vientiane. Mr. Souliya Phoumivong who we visited to his animation studio last time, is teaching a stop motion animation at this school. So I thought this students know how to make a basic of animation. We had lectures “Character Making”, and how to use “Adobe PhotoShop” and “Adobe AfterEffects”.   We received certification from the president of the university. I will come back to Laos around the end of September, too. And then, we will have a workshop of…


JessryAn did presentation@Dailogue for Self-Help

JessyAn did a presentation about activities of SocialCompass . It is a seminar held for the citizen “Dailogue for Self-Help” conducted as part of research funding by the Toyota Foundation, Self-help group of Cambodia, student, monk attended it. Presentation is done in Khmer language. And I think that you could be interested in our activities such as Watty’s activities and projection mapping. Jessy A’s first presentation. It seemed quite nervous, but it was a very good feeling, so I’m looking forward to the future.